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Providing Support to Special Education Programs

Helping Improve the Quality of Life of Children With Special Needs

At Innovative Education in Oakland, California, we aim to make the lives of children with special needs easier and more convenient for them. We offer specialized services, as well as presentations and workshops, to raise awareness on issues relevant to them.


Informative Presentations and Workshops

Innovative Education supports parents, schools, and various organizations by providing informative presentations and workshops that cover issues important to children with special needs. Each one is tailored to a specific audience, including teachers/school administrators, parent groups, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

Genesis (The Beginning)

This is a workshop designed for parents who are beginning their journey through the special education process.

Post-Secondary and Beyond

Designed for middle/high school students, this workshop emphasizes planning strategies that help students with disabilities successfully transfer to post-secondary programs.

Fundamentals for Success

This presentation provides introduction to special education procedures and policies. It places emphasis on using the Special Education Information Systems (SEIS) to ensure Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) compliance.

From Participant to Facilitator 

This workshop is designed to equip parents with the tools they need to help them take on the role of IEP facilitators.

Academic Services

  • 1:1 and Small Group Specialized Academic Instruction
  • Transition Services
  • Parent Counseling
  • Behavior Intervention Services
  • Reading, Writing, and Mathematic Remediation
  • Support with Executive Functioning
  • Community-Based Instruction
  • Social Skills Training 

Consultation and Advocacy Services 

  • File Review to Determine If FAPE Is Being Offered
  • IDEA Legal Consultation
  • Special Education Advocacy
  • Representation at IEP Meetings
  • Parent Workshops
  • Presentations and Trainings for Teachers and Administrators
  • Non-Public Agency (Status Pending)
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